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Last year while I was taking some time off for health reasons, I took the time to put together my personal guiding sites into a easy to follow map.


A once in a lifetime opportunity and a wonderful gift!

Jeffs Guide Book

About Jeff Woodruff and why you want to buy this book!

The best way to start is with a little history on how all this got started. My name is Jeff Woodruff and I have been a guide on Leech Lake for 47 years.

I was forced to retire due to health issues. In February 2018 I was diagnosed with colon cancer. In surgery they removed 2 ft. of my colon and three spots on my liver. The morning I was to start Chemo, I had a heart attack and they inserted 5 stents. That put me two months behind on my chemo. As of right now, I am feeling pretty good and still taking chemo treatments.

When you hire a guide now days it will run you between $400 and $500 a day. That is for 8 hours and you're done. I am going to sell these maps for $400, the same as a day of personal guiding. You will have this personal guide map for the rest of your life, a lot longer than 8 hours. Lots of time to explore, that is half the fun of fishing these things. You also get 57 way points, 29 muskie and 28 walleye. These way points all come out of my personal Lowerance, not copied off of some other map. Lakemaster chip is in the Lowerance. You are getting 47 years of experience and my best spots to fish!

Send check or money order, sorry not set up for credit cards. I will send out the next day. All pages are laminated and ready to take on the lake with you.

Jeff Woodruff
PO Box 726
Walker, MN 56484
Phone # 218-547-1405



We have a huge respect for our friend and pro-staffer, Jeff Woodruff. He is the classic old school fishing guide, with a passion to fish and a twinkle in his eye/ He can catch fish like crazy, and is highly respected by his fellow guides. Jeff's clients are treated to great catches and classic stories. Woody knows the subtle crooks and crannies of Leech lake that have produced fish for many decades. He seldom fishes in a crowd, but opts for the less pressured areas. Jeff is an expert fisherman for all species, and specializes in teaching his clients to catch fish. He has been a long time pro-staff of Northland Fishing Tackle, and has been a great contributor to the development and promotion of our tackle products. Jeff is legendary as a fishing guide, and is a highly valued friend.

John and Duane Peterson
Northland Fishing Tackle, Inc.

Jeff Woodruff is one of Minnesota's top old school muskie fishing guides. His intimate knowledge of Leech Lake is legendary. He is so versatile on those waters, having mastered the clear depths of Walker Bay, knowing every nook and cranny of the lakes ever changing weed beds and has boated impressive muskies from virtually every piece of the lakes numerous midlake rock structures. Jeff's massive 55 inch muskie he caught in the Muskie Inc. International Tournament still stands as the largest ever in that events 51 year history. Having mastered everything from the muskies seasonal movements through the most effective presentations for the current conditions, Jeff is in a league all his own.

Paul Hartman
Promoter of George's Minnesota Muskie Expo
Minneapolis, MN


Leech Lake – Walker Bay, Walker, MN Leech Lake, Walker Bay, Walker, MN